About the Company

LeanFM Technology is an international SaaS company serving operational facility managers in the built environment. We provide the most advanced, groundbreaking solutions for AFDD to uncover root causes and insights relating to HVAC faults. LeanFM Prescriptiv™ is used in hospitals, universities, hotels, office buildings, or anywhere that uses a HVAC system. Clients receive measurable results and experience the benefits to their operations and facilities.

Michael Giorgione
Chief Executive Officer

Michael (Mike) Giorgione


A retired U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer, Rear Admiral Giorgione led commands around the world, principally focused on facilities engineering and asset management of Navy and Marine Corps installations, and brings this exceptional experience and impeccable leadership as the CEO to LeanFM Technologies.

Chief Technology Officer

Xuesong (Pine) Liu


A co-founder of LeanFM, Pine was a former facilities manager, is a brilliant software architect, researcher and entrepreneur. Dr. Liu has advanced the field of facilities and building information for years as Research Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and now as the CTO with LeanFM Technologies.

Chief Innovation Officer

Burcu Akinci


Dr. Akinci is a leading researcher in facilities information technology and is a co-founder of the company. She has developed numerous innovations as a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.


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