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Fault diagnosis report with BIM visualization
Fault diagnosis report with quantified energy waste

LeanFM Prescriptiv™ is a world-class AFDD platform used extensively by facility managers, energy specialists, and HVAC technicians. It’s a powerful, patented cloud-based AI software that vastly improves maintenance operations by finding root causes and insights relating to HVAC faults. It gives facility personnel the power to make informed decisions and implement the best solutions to manage their maintenance with ease.

HVAC Root Cause Analysis
Our Automated Fault and Detection and Diagnosis (AFDD) software is the most advanced in the industry. It diagnoses root cause faults at the component-level

Seeing is Believing
The web-based platform integrates 3-D visualization (BIM) that visually indicates where faults are located. It’s the only platform that does this… and, it’s patented

AI-based Technology
Powered by AI, our patented technology automates performance analysis of HVAC systems with rapid point matching

Intelligence at Your Fingertips
Easily quantify energy waste caused by faults, providing a prioritized list giving building managers the ability to make the best maintenance decisions

Environmental and Occupant Benefits
Save 30% on energy, reduce GHG emissions, and comply with energy code requirements. Root cause detection at the component level, better monitors the HVAC producing more occupant comfort.

We’ve Got You Covered
We satisfy client IT security requirements with our smooth onboarding process

Smart Action
Prioritizes maintenance decisions for improved reliability of building automation systems avoiding shutdowns and potential damage to equipment

Real Results
Case studies prove that the software saves energy, prevents breakdowns, extends asset life, and maximizes owner value

Artificial intelligence for data-driven facility management

LeanFM Prescriptiv™ utilizes standard communication protocols and information formats to acquire and integrate static design information, dynamic measurements, and controls. Our patented technology automatically maps data points from building automation systems with equipment and spaces in design drawings creating a precise up-to-

date digital twin of the facility. More than 100 algorithms and models are then used to analyze the building’s data to detect and diagnose root causes, as well as quantified energy wastes of hardware and software faults. The results are visualized in an intuitive 3-D view with a Building Information Model (BIM) of the facility.

Slide Artificial intelligence enriches
maintenance and building information
Patented technologies fuse
together building, maintenance
and IoT data
Actionable insights shown in
3-D visualization
Building Automation Systems

Patented technologies fuse together building, maintenance and IoT data

Artificial intelligence enriches
maintenance and building information

Actionable insights shown in 3-D visualization

Xuesong “Pine” Liu Receives IFMA’s Forty Under 40 International Award 150 150 Denise Young

Xuesong “Pine” Liu Receives IFMA’s Forty Under 40 International Award

LeanFM Technologies, Inc. announces that Dr. Xuesong “Pine” Liu has been selected to receive The International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) prestigious Forty Under 40 Award. IFMA will host its annual World Workplace Conference and Expo virtually on December 9-10, 2020, where the recipients will be recognized. In celebration of its fortieth anniversary this year, IFMA…

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